The Elves of Aonair are the oldest and most mysterious of the planets inhabitants. Having little to no trust in the planet’s “younger” races they willing hide themselves away on the Isle of Creare. Because of their deep connection with the planet, Elves are one of the few races with the natural ability to control the magical essence surrounding them and all living things on the planet. Over the centuries, through their practice of magic and experimentation of its mystical properties, the Elves had created a shining, almost ethereal city, at the center of which was the Pillar of Eternity, a living tower of magical energy that’s sole purpose was to record and protect an accurate history of the Elves and their culture. Unfortunately, however, the high concentration of magic on the island between the city and the pillar, it was simply too much for the planet to take and the pillar began to crack and eventually shattered in a magnificent explosion and oversaturated the island with magical essence and slowly began poisoning both the land and the Elves themselves.

As a result of the explosion and subsequent poisoning created a divide between the Elven people, the youngest argued that it was best to leave the island and seek refuge upon the larger continents even if it meant mixing with the other races if solely for the preservation of the Elven race. The older of the Elves argued staunchly against leaving, the old ways of distrust and tradition dictating the continue to hide away even in the face of impending annihilation as they believed the explosion and poisoning was a punishment sent down from their Gods for their carelessness and abuse of the gift of magic.

Though not an easy decision, even though they knew it was the right one, the youngest of the Elves abandoned Creare to seek refuge on the various continents in hopes of preserving what remained of their culture.