*Still a work in progress*

Gnomes are, without question, the most vicious race on Aonair. Making their home deep within the mountains and beneath the planet’s surface, Gnomes partake in a never-ending pursuit of gems, minerals, and treasures found deep within the planet and their greed knows no bounds. Even the sight of treasure, much less the mention of it, will cause a Gnome to plan an intricate death for an unassuming traveler simply to get their greedy little hands on it. For not only are Gnomes greedy and deadly, they are also one of the most gifted in crafting and engineering…surpassing even the Elves in many cases.

Gnomes, as one would assume, are very small creatures measuring even half as tall as a Neko and it is their size that they use to their advantage in every way. Most creatures assume something so small could never pose a significant threat to anyone or anything and it’s this assumption that leads many travelers to their deaths.