Being the youngest race on the planet, the humans have still managed to become the dominant force in terms of technological and militaristic advancements. In general humans are hard workers and dedicated to their various crafts, from carpentry to research they seem to excel in nearly all their pursuits including their budding knowledge of magic, unfortunately their quick advancement has made them somewhat arrogant in the eyes of the world giving them cause to feel superior to the various other races including Elves.

Over time the humans have evolved their civilizations, growing from living in huts and cabins to building modern cities, skyscrapers, and vast cities and while there are still small settlements that retain the humbler qualities of humanity most humans have chosen to advance along with their scientific discoveries. As the humans grew two great empires slowly began to form and both taking vastly different approaches to advancement, the Empire of Myra which has chosen coal as a primary power source and the Aquitos Empire which sided with both Cold-Fusion and Hydro-Electric power, harnessing the power of the seas in its capital city and namesake along the coast.