The Neko are a proud, warrior, race resembling smaller, more frail humans with cat ears and tails though despite their frail appearance many who have challenged them have met with brutal and swift force. Neko follow a tribal system of government, led by either a Queen or King depending on the tribe and while in their early history they were abundant across the many continents of Aonair, their numbers of been whittled down severely between tribal wars and outside influence such as being hunted and enslaved by humans leaving only four prominent tribes across four different continents; Clan Mistwood, Clan Icestriker, Clan Flametouch, and Clan Winterbreeze.

Much like the Elves, magic comes naturally to the Neko only in their case it is from being intuned with their chosen homes, the Mistwood clan has a much more natural affinity to forest and natural magic whereas the Icestriker clan is much more comfortable wielding ice magic. The same is true of the Flametouch and Winterbreeze clans, where one wields the destructive and powerful fire magic, the other handles the delicate nature of wind.