The SineAnima are more mysterious than even the Elves that constructed them and knowledge of them is scarce and is largely related to others through those few Elves that abandoned Creare. Created as guardians by the remaining Elves on Creare their main purpose was to be both a deterrent to others trying to visit the poisoned island as well as a living record of the Elves and what lead to the abandonment and eventual desolation of Creare.

Despite the Elves advanced artistry and craftsmanship, the first iterations were large and clumsy, resembling golems more than the natural elegance of the Elves. Through many iterations in the time remaining on the doomed island their look had been improved vastly, smooth and slick, made largely of metal and imbued with what little magic the remaining Elves could manage to control to give them what basic intelligence they could, the SineAnima were able to grow and learn on their own, eventually their AI evolving into its own culture.