Meea Eayan

Name: Meea Eayan

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Height: 4’3”

Weight: 80lbs

Hair: Ear length, straight, black with purple tips

Eyes: Purple

Class: Mystic

Sub-Class: Unknown

Info: Orphaned at the young age of five after the death of her parents during an Umbra attack on her village, she found herself in a state sponsored orphanage where she spent most of her days being bullied by some of the older kids for various reasons. Her looks, her speech, her awkwardness, nearly everything about her was a reason for the children to tease and bully, however it also helped create the perfect candidate for Project Noctis within the Society of Magick.

-On the outside, Project Noctis was billed as a program to help young children with any level of magick abilities reach their fullest potential. Behind closed doors, however the program takes orphans with magick abilities and performs highly questionable experiments to unlock their true potential in the various fields of magick.

-In Meea’s case the experiments largely consisted of injections of pure, liquid, magickal energy directly into her body with the hope of increasing her powers, the experiments themselves being incredibly painful for the child as well as turning her eyes a permanent, glowing, deep purple.

-After several years of torture the project seemed to be leading nowhere as Meeah was becoming more and more like a vegetable, never talking, never reacting to the experiments any longer, and it was assumed they had destroyed their specimen so the project was scheduled to be cancelled.

-Because of the experiments and Meea’s current state, many of the restrictions were relaxed around her as they were preparing a final transfer to a secluded stronghold deep in the mountains and this was the time that Meea used to escape her tormentors and the added magickal abilities she was granted made her escape much easier.

-Unfortunately Meea’s increased magickal abilities were accompanied by heightened emotions which makes her experience them in an extremely amplified state. As she made her escape her feelings of anger, betrayal, fear, everything she had experienced in the past few years came rushing out in explosive ways, leaving behind her nothing but destruction and death as she escaped into the nearby forest.

-Meea wandered through the forest for several days, crying nearly nonstop as she tried to come to terms with everything that had happened to her and everything she had done. Eventually she was interrupted by a small Neek’O wandering through the forest as well.