Princess Nyssa of Aquitos

Age: 15

Height: 134.62cm

Weight: 49.9 kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Having a long blonde ponytail down her back, she has a long blue streak through her hair that is hereditary throughout the royal bloodline.

Bio: Queen Nyssa is the most recent ruler of the Aquitos Empire in a long line of Matriarchs and although she is the youngest to hold the title after her mother’s mysterious death, she has made great strides in her nation’s prosperity as well as leaps in technological advancements growing Aquitos City from its humble beginnings centuries prior and pushing it forward towards the great metropolis it has now become since gaining its independence from the Myran Empire and the birth of the Aquitos Empire.

However, as a result of her age she has yet been able to fully assume her role as Queen of Aquitos and instead must act through her most trusted advisor and long-time family friend Bria Scyrona. Though it has never been spoken to her directly, Princess Nyssa is well aware of the whispers in the street, the whispers that it is Bria truly in control of the country and its growth and prosperity can be attributed to her and it is those whispers that keep her on guard constantly, every questioning everything that her advisor does and suggests, taking her late mother’s advice that while it is a great gift to have friends that one can depend on, it is also foolish to assume that even the most trusted friend cannot be tempted by wealth and power.

Regardless of the whispers, one thing is never in question and that is the love that Princess Nyssa has for her people.