Sera Mistwood

Name: Sera Mistwood

Age: 18

Height: 152.4cm

Weight: 36.28kg

Build: Athletic

Hair: Dirty Blond (high ponytail)

Eyes: Blue (crystal clear and light)

Sera was abandoned as an infant, left in a basket in the forest near one of the larger Neko clans, Clan Mistwood, and was discovered by one of it’s members. It was decided by Queen Thina that the clan, particularly Crysta Mistwood, the scout who found her, would raise her. This was also how she received the Mistwood name, by training with her adoptive mother as a scout and passing the trials to earn her place in the clan.

Despite her warrior training, Sera has a tendency to be rather shy and withdrawn, preferring to keep to herself rather than get involved with anyone. Even with her shy and timid demeanor however, she can become incredibly hostile when it comes to being raised by Nekos since as a result of the war people generally have a narrow view of the species and look at anyone with Neko heritage with a certain amount of suspicion.

One of Sera’s main reasons for joining the military was that she had hoped to travel through the country and possibly find her real parents. Her other reason is that even though she was raised well by her adoptive clan, they also taught her to be proud of her own heritage as well and she wanted to support both her country and her clan by fighting to protect both.

Unfortunately her Military plans didn’t pan out as well as she had hoped, ending up as a clerk in the rather infamous Camp Skybreaker, essentially dashing her hopes of finding her real parents.