Name: Unknown

Codename: Snow

Age: 27

Height: 165.1cm

Weight: 40.8kg

Build: Athletic

Hair: Brown (Pixie)

Eyes: Left/Blue Right/Grey

Often described by people she encounters as being cold and distant, even to the point of being rude and even indifferent, Snow has long been a loner outwardly preferring her solitude over the company of others though deep down yearning for someone to understand her even when at times she doesn’t understand herself. Her memories of her life before entering the military always seem distant and distorted, she tends to question if they are even hers at times.

Snow has a tendency to suffer from insomnia, always having a fear of sleep because of intense and horrifying nightmares, pieces of her own past she doesn’t understand, places she’s never seen but are strangely familiar, people she has never met but knows their names, experiments that leave her screaming and waking in a cold sweat.

Final Note: Snow has deep seeded trust issues, which is partly why she spends her days, and nights, alone and also why she has trouble functioning as part of a team. Whenever possible she tends to find herself sitting on rooftops contemplating her life, and struggling with her memories, always trying to understand just who she is and often becoming frustrated from her questionable memories.