Useful Feedback!

I’ve been working on Project Aonair for what seems like an eternity and a few nights ago I got the first bit of useful feedback I’ve since I started and so far, since I kindly asked a friend or two to take a look as well to chime in with their thoughts. I had asked my newlywed wife to take a look at the site and while she didn’t go in to detail, she said volumes simply by stating “it was hard to understand.” Now to be fair there was a time I would have rather had a kidney punch than hear that…even if it doesn’t sound that bad on the face of it, but quite frankly it was something I needed to hear because it means that everything I’ve done so far I forgot that other people would be reading it at some point in time. The reality is that over time I’ve solely been writing for me and in a way there is nothing wrong with that but only if I was the only one that was going to read it…ever…so now it’s time to rethink and rework everything I’ve done but keep an actual audience in mind so from here on out my goals are two-fold currently:

  1. Improve the site and all its information, making sure that I’m no longer writing just for me but keeping in mind readers that have no clue oh what is going on without seeming to talk down to anyone…I know, won’t be easy.
  2. My second objective is to continue working on what I’ve already started, book one of what I’m dubbing the Neek’O Chronicles…book one in what I intend to be a very long series and ironically not even touching the main series I’ve been working on even longer…I’ll explain in my next post.

Moving on, the next thing I have to talk about, and I confess I’m a little hesitant to bring it up, however if I am intent on following my dreams then it is necessary. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been toying with the thought of turning to Patreon and at first I was against the idea because I’ve always misguidedly thought of it as a last resort, a desperation move if you will and to be honest after a little research I’ve realized that it is anything but that. I know I do not have nearly enough followers and next to no fans willing to chip in monthly and help out, but once I figure it all out and intend to go for it anyway and see what happens. It may take a week or two, deciding on goals and rewards but when I do get there you’ll be the first to know.

On an ending note I can say that as of this writing, updates will be a bit more frequent than they have been in recent months both here and at Zombie Pixel. I’ve been far too lazy the past few months and it’s time to kick it back in to gear.