Snow and Dr. Sylice

“No… no… no! This is impossible! I’m ME damn it! I’m not some fucking clone of a woman that died four hundred years ago! I remember my mother, my childhood, my friends, I wasn’t grown in a tube like this!”

“Do you remember your father? Any other family? Did you never wonder why you were so much stronger, faster than the other children? Why deep down you craved, even sought out the conflicts and battles, I have no doubt there were many of them 82”

“Shut up!” raising her rifle, aiming it at the doctor’s head, the laser sight stopping between her eyes, “Just shut the fuck up! I’m not a clone!… I’m not HER!”

“No you’re not her, and you’re not what I hoped to create either, your nothing… nothing but a failed experiment, one that went on for far too long, one that should have been destroyed were it not for an intelligent young woman that suddenly grew a conscience and decided that our experiments were… cruel and unjust. Silly girl, young and naive, wanted to raise you as her own, give you a real life, and look what it got you, back here at the place of your birth” pacing across the balcony and suddenly pointing to Snow “The place you were improved…that’s right, those implants on your neck were done here at the military’s request, since the government decided to agree with my former assistant and stopped funding my experiments, the military was forced to use the clones that survived and improve them in whatever way they could. Unfortunately for the military, you were the only one that survived so I was forced to add rather extensive and painful augmentations to you to compensate for your failings.”